Audition Pieces

For those of you taking district or All-State auditions this year, here are some recordings you should be listening to.


Primrose plays Haydn – most of it is up an octave from the edition you’re using, but what the heck and as usual, it’s Primrose.  (No, I don’t expect the third movement this fast, so don’t panic.)

This is the edition you’re using – there’s some faffing around in the beginning, but once they start playing it’s pretty good.


Primrose plays “Händel” – it’s not exactly the same as the part you guys are working from, but it’s Primrose.  ‘Nuff said.

And for All-State, here’s the Stamitz in an interesting chamber version.

Junior gang, here’s your Telemann.  This is my friend Sarah.  She’s always been a bad@$$.